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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect on the day of admission?

Newly admitted residents are greeted and brought to their assigned unit and room. Unit staff will provide an orientation and medical assessment, and you will meet each discipline. These department representatives will interview with you and will ask relevant questions about your routine and preferences to make your stay at the facility a pleasant one.

2. What paperwork will I be responsible for?

You will receive from the admissions office a comprehensive package that will include an admission agreement and other pertinent information that you will need to know during your stay. A representative from that department will review this information with you.

3. What is my coverage?

Coverage is determined prior to admission. Any specific questions regarding your case should be directed to the admitting department. General information regarding Medicare and Medicaid guidelines or other insurance information is included in the welcome package. Please note that the finance office is available during business hours to address any concerns or questions that you may have.

4. When do I see my physician?

Sunnyview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers a wide variety of physicians. If you have questions regarding your medical status, please ask the unit nurse so that your attending physician can be contacted. Ancillary services such as podiatry, audiology, etc are also available. The coordination of physician services is provided by the unit nurse.

5. Who is the unit staff?

Each unit has an assigned team of professionals that will be working with you to provide the necessary care that you require. This team will assess and determine a treatment plan that will encompass interventions to address your needs and projected goals. You will be included in this process and encouraged to ask questions at a formal meeting with your team.

6. When can I expect rehab services?

Rehab services are provided 6 days a week at the facility. Residents are evaluated for their potential and provided an appropriate plan of care which focuses to achieve the individual’s optimal functional status.

7. Where are my meals served?

Breakfast is served in the resident room while lunch and dinner are served in the dining room on the unit. Residents may also elect to eat in the main dining area on the first floor or choose to have their meal in the privacy of their own room. Your dietician will meet with you to discuss your food preferences and any potential limits or restrictions that your therapeutic diet may have.

8. What about clothing?

The recommended amount of clothes should cover a two week period. All clothing should be left at the nursing stations to be labeled. The facility will gladly provide laundry services. If preferred your family can do the laundry. Please notify the staff of your preference.

9. What are the visiting hours?

Recommended visiting hours are from 10am-8pm. Families and friends have the right to visit off hours giving consideration to the resident and/or others on the unit. Please contact the unit social worker if your family member is interested in this option.

10. Who should I direct my concerns to?

Concerns should be directed initially to the unit social worker. Care & medical issues should be directed to the nursing staff. Please note that our entire staff is available to you if you have any specific questions.

11. Who plans my discharge date?

Planning your discharge is a team approach. Working with you and your family the care plan team will discuss what is necessary to assure a safe discharge. The discharge planner will coordinate any necessary services so that a community return will be safe. Discharge planning is initiated upon admission.

12. What if I want to reach someone?

For your convenience a directory is provided for you to be able to contact all staff members of the facility. This directory is located in your welcome package.

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